Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

ZAW Training Centre is a centre for school courses and professional training courses situated in Sudan International Grammar School. Through ZAWTC we offer additional courses for students who need to catch up or master their understanding of their subjects, and we offer training and consultation for educators and other professionals, all of which would be certified.

When courses are available they would normally be announced through our communication and social media channels such as the school’s facebook page. If there is enough demand for a specific course then the centre can organize it. Subject courses go on for multiple sessions.

ZAWTC contact info

For any inquiries, questions about announcements or for registration refer to the following contact info:

Mr. Mohit Shah, coordinator:
+249 9300 40192

Mr. Mohamed Moursi, coordinator:
+249 9300 40189

Ms. Zainab, receptionist:
+249 9300 40180


Current ongoing courses will be listed here.

IGCSE English course (ESL)

Complete IGCSE English course (English as a Second Language).
Beginning: 5 Nov 2022
Instructor: Ms Nasreen

  • Reading & writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

IGCSE Biology course

Complete IGCSE Biology course, starting with the first topics for 9th grade.
Beginning: 15 Nov 2022
Instructor: Ms Duaa

  • Characteristics & classification of living organisms
  • Organization of the organism
  • Movement in & out of cells
  • Biological molecules
  • Enzymes
  • Plant nutrition
  • Human nutrition

Secondary Mathematics course

Mathematics course for secondary students (grade 7+)
Beginning: TBA
Instructor: Ms Safa

  • Integers
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Fractions
  • Powers
  • Square & cube roots
  • Factorization

Primary Mathematics course

Mathematics course for primary intermediate students.
Beginning: TBA
Instructor: Mr. Moursi

  • Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Rules of divisibility
  • Area, perimeter, volumes
  • Angles