Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

Secondary section

The secondary section of the high school is the first part of the completion of our students’ training stage to prepare them for higher education and professional life, covering grades 7 and 8. For this reason we have elaborated a curriculum of subjects that covers a complementary set of fundamental and additional courses.

Aware that in order to fulfill this purpose it is necessary to have adequate facilities and materials, we have a comfortable building with a computer lab and a lab for physics, chemistry and biology together with books and exam materials which are carefully curated and regularly updated according to the requirements and demands of our students.


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • ICT
  • English
  • Arabic

In addition, we offer the following services for the integral formation of our students:

  • Physical Education
  • Art

Regular assessments and projects are given to students to gauge their progress, and additional instruction is available for students that need it through extra guided assignments and full courses.


The classrooms are kept to a moderate size so one class has an ideal number of students for good engagement, and the campus has a range of facilities to support the development of our students.


Sound system

The sound system enables a more engaging assembly session each morning and gives students and guests the chance to make a dynamic presentation.


Large classrooms have smartboards which allow teachers to carry out more interactive learning sessions.

Science lab

A science lab has been set up to improve lessons for chemistry, biology, and physics subjects.


E-learning has been implemented using the 2xcell platform to enhance teacher-student-parent communication and improve lessons.

Wifi networks

Wifi has been set up to make it easier for staff to carry out lessons and research, and to support e-learning on the campus.

IGCSE learning centre

The ZAW Training Centre is available at the campus which offers extra courses for students in and out of the school.

Rules & Policy

Below you can download a copy of the rules and policy of the high school.


The high school building is in Al Manshiya next to the stop/junction on the street to Al Manshiya bridge.

Block 25, Al Manshiya, Khartoum – open in Google Maps.