Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs


Daycare section

The SIGS Daycare is situated next to the kindergarten in the same campus and includes a cozy nursery and an open child-safe playground where kids can be cared for well and observe kindergarten students learning fundamental lessons.

Kindergarten section

Sudan International Grammar School’s early year curriculum is based around Jolly Phonics and offers children full immersion in English, building personal, social, emotional and language skills necessary for the harmonious growth of child.

Primary section

Our curriculum in Primary school is aligned with the British national curriculum along with the Sudanese National curriculum for both Arabic and Islamic studies. Our Primary School staff are highly competent, qualified teachers with decades of experience. The staff work closely together as a team to create a positive, caring, and purposeful environment. There are clear expectations of the children, but the emphasis is on being enthusiastic, motivated, and consequently successful.

High School section

SIGS Secondary school offers its students a rigorous international curriculum through the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE) programme in years 9, 10 and 11. This challenging programme develops critical and creative thinking and offers a balanced yet flexible education, allowing students to select subjects according to their strengths and interests, along with participation in extracurricular activities to improve leadership & communication skills.

Arabic section

SIGS Arabic section facilitates education with the local national Sudanese curriculum and preparation for the national exams. As the newest section of SIGS it covers elementary until high school and combines our Cambridge-based English education and other activities and resources for a holistic education for any student.

Education in SIGS

At SIGS we try to build a holistic education that prepares students for leadership and communication in English and Arabic and give them maximum opportunities to continue their education in any direction moving forward.

Our approach works better the longer a student stays with SIGS as their education path builds onto what they already did every step of the way and we have a platform to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses at every level with experienced academics and management staff and a useful digital platform.

General features

Situated at Al Manshiya

Situated at the heart of Khartoum in Al Manshiya, the location connects multiple parts of Khartoum and is in a well developed area.

Strong curriculum at all levels

To maximize students’ potential we have a deep curriculum which builds on the Cambridge British curriculum from Kindergarten all the way to High school, as well as bilingual education, activity-based learning, and religious studies for Muslims and Christians.

Expanding IT infrastructure

We try to keep students engaged with a host of resources including a sound system for each section, smartboards in big classrooms, internet connection for staff and research, and regular communication through various official channels.

E-learning implementation

Among the latest developments, SIGS has implemented e-learning with the 2xcell platform which will improve teacher-student-parent communication and engagement, enabling all parties to see student progress and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.