Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

Quality education from the heart of Khartoum that caters to all of your child’s development needs

About us

Situated at the heart of Khartoum, Sudan International Grammar Schools (SIGS) was established in 1998 and has since become one of the renowned international schools of Khartoum.

Under the management of our highly experienced internationally trained administration and teaching faculty from different parts of Sudan and the world we are offering a multicultural environment to cater to the educational needs of people residing in Khartoum from all parts of the world, whether they’re studying in English or Arabic, as well as expanding our facility to cater to those who are overseas or homeschooling.

Our syllabus across the different sections of the school is made up of curricular elements that satisfy the needs of both the Sudanese certificate of education and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) so that our students are equipped to enter educational systems anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

SIGS is unique amongst private schools in Khartoum. We want our students to be useful to themselves and their community. Our mission is to pursue excellence in academics, to help build a strong character and to encourage each student to approach life with a positive attitude. While we strive for academic excellence, civility “Tarbiah” is the main focus of our daily activities. We wish that our students graduate from SIGS with confidence, good character and a purposeful life.

Our Vision

At SIGS we strive to develop a caring and knowledgeable student. We prepare our students to love learning, establish discipline, and build a strong character. We understand that discipline is the key to learning and character building. Our objective is to develop the personality of the students under our care, based on the principles of truthfulness and trustworthiness with wisdom and knowledge.

Our Features

  • Learning management system
  • Positive & engaged staff
  • Book rich environment
  • Careful use of instructional time
  • Student attitude development
  • Professional development & training centre
  • 20-25 students per class