Sudan International Grammar school is a private school that within its ethos seeks to nurture students and their individual talents as a whole, starting from Kindergarten (age 2) through grade 11. In addition to a stimulating and caring environment in which English is the language of instruction, SIGS offers students a values-based education modeled on the British curriculum with international standards and benchmarks.

At SIGS we put a large emphasis on respect, appreciation, critical and creative thinking, tolerance, and the promotion of life-long love for learning. We have put in place a challenging and engaging curriculum that is carefully designed to form a continuum from Kindergarten through High School. Most Importantly, the whole school curriculum enriches the children’s learning experiences and provides them with the academic, social, linguistic, and technological tools necessary for the 21st century.


Together, forging strong, positive connections with students to inspire them to think critically, learn, create, achieve and become global citizens.


At Sudan International Grammar School, we strive to work hand in hand with all stakeholders, staff, students, community and families in the educational process to maximize our students progress.

Inspiring a passion for learning is a primary focus at SIGS:
1. Students and staff are passionate, enthusiastic learners.
2. Teachers act as facilitators, assisting students in their pursuit of learning.

Building critical thinking skills is essential:
1. Students pose and answer questions, solve problems and use reasoning skills.
2. Students think and work both independently and in groups.

Creative thinking is vital in a global community:

  1. Students part take in activities that require them to create unique and versatile projects.
  2. Students are encouraged and guided to think outside the box for solution of common global issues.

Learning is a lifelong experience for students and staff:

  1. Effective, engaged learning takes place when students and staff make real world connections.
  2. Students acquire the skills and knowledge in a variety of flexible, multi-sensory learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.

We live in a global community and we are preparing our students for a global future:

  1. Students learn with each other to understand, respect and communicate with various cultures.
  2. Students prepare to live and work anywhere in the world, with an understanding and interest in global issues.

Achievement is demonstrated through knowledge, talents, skills and abilities:

  1. SIGS holds high expectations for all students to produce their best work.